Anil Fernandes - Mumbai Wedding photographerHi, I am Anil Fernandes and I am a moment capturer.

My camera is an extension of my eye, my mind, my heart… I see the world around me in frames. I see moments when I see people. I believe there is an innocent voyeurism in all humans. We like to see beauty, love and special moments around us. I make an effort to capture them. There is a story in every moment of our lives, not necessarily only on eventful days but I believe every day is an eventful day filled with moments that when put together make the journey of our life. I enjoy preserving those moments for posterity so that we could cherish them whenever we want to and relive the magic of those once in a lifetime moments.

I specialise in Weddings and Couple Portraits. I love to capture the Spontaneity, Genuine Expressions and Uninhibited Emotions – these are the things that I focus on when photographing a wedding or an engagement session. When I’m working with a couple, perhaps directing them a little, I am still looking for something real – something uniquely ‘them’.

With an extensive experience of shooting more than 150 weddings, all my efforts are driven to make your wedding special and unique for the couples. I believe that the couple should have a great experience and find a value add from my services. Every Wedding is special to me and so is your story. Every couple is Unique and I want to make sure, I am best choice for you!

I shoot Weddings across Mumbai and states and I am open to travel for assignments and weddings. I do not restrict myself to a specific culture of weddings. I have covered almost all cultures of weddings and specialise in cross-cultural weddings. In fact, my clients describe me as a Multi-Cultural Wedding Photographer. If you are looking for spontaneity, natural emotions and creativity captured on your wedding or engagement, you are at the right place. Let’s join hands in preserving those special moments that when put together will be the most cherished ones of your life.